Aeffect provides management consulting services that help organizations:

Select NAICS classifications under which we provide consulting services:

Key skills and areas of expertise:

Customer Insights • Exploring what customers want and need
• Segmenting and prioritizing target audiences
• Aligning product and service offerings to specific customer segments
• Mapping customer experiences and charting pathways to service excellence
• Revealing customer drivers and barriers to engagement
• Identifying strategies for increasing customer satisfaction

Growth • Identifying strategic opportunities for growth
• Identifying best combination of product or service features to drive demand
• Fostering development of new products and services
• Leveraging strengths to expand in new markets
• Creating financial plans to support growth

Brand Management • Elevating corporate and brand reputation
• Developing new brand position after merger or acquisition
• Exploring effect of brand partnerships
• Conducting branding audits
• Enabling effective branding strategies
• Enabling effective brand architecture and consistent branding
• Supporting teams facing crisis management scenarios

Marketing Communication • Crafting marketing communications plans
• Prioritizing messages by audience segment
• Testing advertising, websites, online tools, and other communications products
• Tracking and monitoring marketing communications impact
• Determining optimal media mix strategies
• Conducting marketing communication audits
• Supporting agency reviews and selection processes

Change Management

• Identifying best practices in industry
• Enabling optimal change management strategies
• Exploring the potential for mergers, acquisitions and partnerships
• Effective communication to attract, retain and integrate staff
• Evaluating and monitoring effectiveness and KPI over time